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Present to your attention residential complex "LASUR 2" in the city - resort Pomory. The complex is located 300 metres from the beach and 400 metres from the central part of the town.

the building will be built in a modern style with high quality materials. There will be a shop and a pastry shop on the ground floor. The building has a total of 56 flats.

The flats are being sold with turnkey finishes, air conditioning and fully fitted bathrooms.

Performance date: June 2010.

One of the most beautiful Bulgarian towns Pomorie is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula, 3.5 km long, 20 km from Burgas, 18 from Sunny Beach and 10 from the airport. The sea shore is low, sandy, open to the east and west and protected to the north by the Balkan Mountains. A 7 km long beach strip of 18700 sq.m. of iron-rich sand encircles the bay. The shore is shallow and flat with a slight slope, without underwater rocks and cold sea currents and is safe for swimming. The climatic conditions here are exceptionally favourable; the sun shines for a long time (up to 2360 hours a year), the average July air and water temperature is 23.6C. Due to the slow cooling of seawater, the autumn is warm and prolonged. The average temperature in autumn is 20,5 C. The city has been destroyed and re-emerged many times over its 2500 year history. It can remember the raids of the Romans and Byzantines, the Crusaders and the Turks. Unique monuments of history and culture - the Dome Thracian Tomb, the museum object "Ancient Saltworks of Anhialo", the churches of Transfiguration and St. Virgin Mary, the Monastery of St. George and the architectural reserve "Old Pomorie Houses". Pomorie is a thriving resort and mud cure centre. The curative liman mud extracted from the bottom of the salty lake cures musculoskeletal diseases, gynecological, surgical and traumatic diseases, skin diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases, nonspecific diseases of the locomotive system, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases etc. On the initiative of the renowned cardiac surgeon Prof. Chirkov, a clinic for cardiovascular diseases and cardiosurgery with hospital, sanatorium and hotel facilities is being built near the city. The brightest event in the cultural life of Pomorie during the summer is the Poet's Days in Javorov, which have become a tradition during the National Maritime Week. The genuine charm of the cobbled streets, the romance of the seaside promenade and the flirtatious houses make Pomorie a desirable place for recreation and investment.

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