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Investment residence permit in Bulgaria 2024

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Author of the article:
Yana Minchenko

Many of those who have been to picturesque Bulgaria are keen to return here again. And often there are those who want to stay here to live. But, unfortunately, desire alone is not enough to move to another country for permanent residence. At the same time, Bulgaria has a rather loyal migration policy. In this article we will consider the rules for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria in 2024.

How to get a residence permit in Bulgaria?

The legislation of the country provides several ways to get a residence permit in Bulgaria. These are:

✅Conclusion of marriage with a citizen of the country or with a permanent residence permit status.

✅Obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria for pensioners is also provided by the legislation. Foreign pensioners can settle here provided that they have sufficient financial means for living. 

✅On the basis of family ties. If one of the parents or one of the grandparents is Bulgarian, it gives the right to apply for a residence permit. 

✅Education. In addition to the fact that here you can get quality education and a diploma of a specialist, which is quoted in most EU countries. The status of a student also gives the right to issue a residence permit. 

✅Article twenty-fifth in the law "On Combating Trafficking in Human Beings" provides not only protection for foreign citizens, but also the opportunity to stay in the country on a permanent basis. 

✅Investments of two hundred and fifty seven thousand euros or more. 

How to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria for an investor? 

As Bulgaria is a dynamically developing country, it favourably accepts foreign investments in the economy. And, in turn, it offers a number of advantages for investors. One of which is the right to settle in the country for permanent residence. 

You can invest in business. It is necessary to become the owner of at least 50 per cent of the company's shares. And the company is obliged to create ten jobs for its citizens. This will be the reason for obtaining a residence permit. It is necessary to maintain investments at this level for five years. After five years it will be possible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship, and the invested investments already dispose of at their discretion.

Does buying a property give a residence permit in Bulgaria and what is needed for this?

Bulgaria now does not give residence permits to citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan. Ukrainians at the moment it can be obtained on the basis of a closed licence.

Citizens of other countries can apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria when buying a property. For this purpose it is necessary to buy and register a house or a flat for the amount of more than 307 thousand euros. Such investment is attractive because there are minimal risks. 

You do not need to worry about the state of the business in which you invested, its profitability and stability in the market. The purchased flat, house or apartment remains yours and will not lose its value.

What do I need to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria when buying a property?

You need to obtain a D visa, without it you will not be able to apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria. You submit the application and the whole package of documents to the Bulgarian embassy and consulate. The package of documents necessarily includes a declaration of rent or ownership document. 

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a property to begin with. For a safe transaction it is better to use the services of a licensed agency. Such as Bulgarian Resales. We have been working since 2007 and we have translators and independent lawyers who will prepare for you all the necessary documents for the notary.

With Bulgarian Resales you save your time, nerves and money. Since you can come, choose and see the property and we will take care of the rest. Your personal presence is not required to complete the transaction. And the guarantee of safety will serve as our lawyer and notary. 

You can look at the offers on the property market, check out the prices and find suitable options on our website. Here you will find: property in Pomorie, in Saint Vlas, in Burgas and other Bulgarian cities. Also here you will find houses and townhouses, as well as inexpensive flats.

Buy property with us. On the basis of your investment get a residence permit in Bulgaria and get the opportunity not only to have a holiday in your favourite country, but also to become its resident.   

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