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8 main reasons to buy a flat in Bulgaria

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Everyone who is thinking about moving to another country or buying a house by the sea is first of all looking for information about real life in that place and this article will reveal to you its main features so that you can weigh up the pros and cons. With this approach, the chances are very high that you'll be happy with everything and be prepared for some inconveniences. 


Consider moving or holidaying in Bulgaria in terms of each individual's needs.

Basic needs are: 

Safety - comfort, stability, security, 

and ecology - clean air, water and food.

Additional needs include social needs - communication, cooperation, aesthetic needs - beauty, travel, as well as developmental and cognitive needs.


And now, let's have an honest and open look at how Bulgaria covers these needs.

Safety in Bulgaria depends on region, and up to a level of Luxembourg, Japan or Spain one still has to aspire to, but in general situation is calmer than in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and even more so than in Mexico or Sudan.

It is worth noting that Bulgaria has one of the most stable political and economic conditions in Southeastern Europe, as well as low tax rates for property purchase, unlike Greece, for example.


The environment in Bulgaria boasts high levels of water and air quality, which are undoubtedly the most important everyday issues when choosing a place to live and relax. Fruits and vegetables are grown in ecologically clean areas, which Bulgaria is rich in, and many private farms provide home-grown quality meat, eggs and dairy products. Fish and seafood are in abundance and at low prices. Low cost of products in Bulgaria is a pleasant surprise as well, as the basic consumer basket of goods has a direct impact on the overall cost of living in Bulgaria. 


Spacious, picturesque, sandy and stony beaches along Bulgaria's coast, many of which have been awarded the "Blue Flag", satisfy two important needs at once: ecology and aesthetics. After all, Bulgaria has a lot to choose from - there are 28 sea resorts, where to buy housing more accessible than in Spain or Greece, for example, because Bulgaria has the cheapest real estate by the sea in Europe. Resorts have a mild climate due to the proximity to the sea two mountain ranges - Stara Planina in the centre and Strandzha in the south, cities and towns are actively developing, attracting more and more tourists from all over the world, so property rental in Bulgaria is guaranteed a stable income.


The natural reserves with the variety of flora and fauna, the majestic mountains with 4 ski resorts, with a total length of about 170 km, more than 4000 caves, the endless sea and 378 km of coastline, 300 sunny days per year on the coast and all this in a small area, which can be crossed in 4 hours by car. Isn't it fabulous? It also adds points to the aesthetic and comfort of human life. 


The sphere of public health care can't be called highly efficient, but according to the analytical data of the world organizations, Bulgaria is even ahead of Russia and the USA. Importantly, Bulgaria is unique in the world with its curative muds, the medical effects of which have been proved and are known worldwide. Therefore, treatment and prevention of various diseases and just recovering of organism in balneological centres are better to plan in advance, since mud treatment in Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular among European and CIS citizens and the flow of those wishing to get qualified services is only increasing. 


Another of many bonuses for buyers of real estate in Bulgaria is a simple and quick procedure for obtaining a residence permit for pensioners in Bulgaria under the program "Secured pensioner", according to which a minimum package of documents and confirmation of property ownership in Bulgaria are required. We have compiled all the ways to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria in this article.


An important factor for quality life is communication, which is easy to find, knowing the Bulgarian language. To say that it is simple and immediately understandable for everybody is misleading. However, many people understand and speak a little Russian, especially in tourist areas and English is spoken by the younger generation. There are free courses for learning Bulgarian, people are very friendly, so everything is in your hands!


You decide and we will help you go all the way safely and easily! 


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