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Bulgarian Black Sea resort Kiten is a real paradise on earth, created by nature. And if you decide to buy property, it is the right place, immersed in greenery, with a mild and comfortable climate and beautiful scenery.

Kiten is situated in southern Bulgaria. The town is situated on a peninsula in the foothills of the Strandzha Mountain, with slopes descending to the sea, forming bays of stunning beauty. The peninsula is fringed by two lovely bays with strips of golden sandy beaches. In translation, Kiten sounds like "laid out among the greenery", and this name is fully justified.

Features of the resort

The Strandzha mountain range contributes to a good microclimate, and the sea air, combined with the mountain air, allows not only to relax but also to improve health. Also in Kiten there are springs with mineral water, which has beneficial properties for the body.

Tourists can visit three beaches:

  • Atliman in the northern part;

  • Urdovitsa (located on a small peninsula);

  • Karaagach in the southern part.

The beaches of this resort are covered with golden sand, they are landscaped and well maintained. The water in the sea is clear and warm, the entrance is gentle and safe, so families with children come here to relax.

The water temperature during the summer reaches +26 C and the air temperature reaches +28-30 C. The holiday season begins in May and lasts till October. Fans of active recreation can play soccer, beach volleyball, lawn tennis, archery. The resort also offers surfing and windsurfing, underwater fishing, yachting, water polo and water skiing. For children there are swimming pools and playgrounds.

Our real estate agency "Bulgarian Resales", working in Bulgaria since 2007, will give professional help in buying property in Kiten. We offer an inexpensive budget accommodation and elite apartments on the coast, from the builder, or the secondary market.