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Hello there!

If you need to sell your apartment or decided to make an investment in real estate by the sea, in a country with a wonderful climate and conditions for rest, you are in the right place.


"Bulgarian Resales" EOOD is a licensed real estate agency.


We are a member of CEPL (European Association of Professional Real Estate Agents) as well as NSNI (National Commonwealth of Real Estate Agencies in Bulgaria).


EU certification of the agency:

Certificate Ref. No 2024-XXXII-BS-B-0467


Years of experience since 2007 and legal support of the transactions allow us to buy or sell property on the Bulgarian seaside with 100% security.


Independent lawyers and licensed translators service all our transactions.


Our clients, both European and foreign, are 100% protected: the lawyer not only prepares the package of documents for the Notary (this is the highest authority in Bulgaria for the registration of real estate transactions) but acts as a financial guarantor of the transaction and the money goes through the lawyers' special bank accounts. Each client has a special contract with the lawyer for legal support of the transaction.


After the completion of the transaction, the notary and the lawyer carry out the necessary registrations for the new owner - the national registry BULSTAT, the tax service, EVN power company, water company.


If necessary, we provide operative insurance of the property, which does not require a visit to the insurance company's office - coordination and payment are made remotely.


We take care of our clients and provide professional services when buying or selling real estate in Bulgaria:

  • Legal support of the deal
  • Negotiations with sellers on the purchase of secondary properties
  • Online or remote viewing and booking apartments if you can't go in person (47% of our clients in the last 3 years have bought apartments this way)
  • Preparing a purchase contract
  • Opening a bank account in local Bulgarian banks (if required)
  • Registering the property at local authorities
  • Assessment of the market value of the property
  • Photo and video shooting of the property
  • Meeting at the airport, hotel accommodations, transfers

Why choose us?

Hundreds of clients have been owners of marine properties since 2007. Despite inflation, we maintain a normal price level and within 2 to 3 working days we solve the problem of finding an apartment and booking the variant you like by signing the documents at the lawyer's office. We are a full-service agency and provide both attorney support and subsequent registrations for the new owner.  With us it is easy, safe and efficient.


We look forward to your applications and calls!

Our team is available 24/7


Email: sales@bulgarianresales.com

WhatsApp: +359877375309, +359879688796

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