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Best places to live in Bulgaria

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Author of the article:
Yana Minchenko

The best place to live in Bulgaria for expats will be different for each person. After all, we are all different, and everyone has their own preferences and needs. Some people prefer the countryside, while others prefer a bustling city. Someone likes warm beaches, and someone likes snowy mountain peaks. But let's still consider a few of the most popular places.

What indicators to pay attention to when choosing the best places to live in Bulgaria 

Choosing where to live in Bulgaria, is worth paying attention not only to the picturesque towns but also to the quality of life in them, the cost of rent and the opportunity to work. Because in some regions of the country, there is a high level of unemployment.


The criteria that affect the quality of life include real estate prices or rental prices, the level of infrastructure development, as well as the possibility of establishing and developing your own business or effective employment. 


One of the best places to live in Bulgaria for emigrants is Burgas. This second-largest city in the country is located on the Black Sea coast. Here it is profitable to invest in construction and real estate in the Sarafovo area, it is not difficult to find a job. And you can buy an apartment in Burgas with the purpose of renting it out to tourists. 


Bourgas has a well-developed infrastructure: there are many schools, kindergartens, and universities, which makes it possible to comfortably accommodate couples with children. Of course, there are some disadvantages. Here are not the lowest rent prices. And in the tourist season, a large influx of those wishing to relax on the coast. From what it becomes noisy and crowded. 


The next best city to live in Bulgaria is Sofia. It is the largest city in Bulgaria. It combines historical culture with modern trends. There are a lot of attractions, and the menu of local restaurants is full of dishes of national cuisine. 


A wide range of job opportunities will make it easy to find a suitable job. Sofia is a starting point for tourists wishing to visit the picturesque surroundings. The city has a sufficient number of entertainment facilities and educational institutions of international level. 


The neighborhoods of Dragalevtsi and Boyana are considered the best places to live in Sofia Bulgarian capital. Life in these neighborhoods is not affordable for everyone, except government officials and business elite. In the rest of the city, the prices are quite acceptable and are considered the cheapest among other capitals of the European Union. 


The next best city to live in Bulgaria is Blagoevgrad. Which is famous for its unique landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Blagoevgrad attracts students with its universities. It is not difficult to find a job in the fields of finance, medicine, and education. 


There are not many places for entertainment, but there are enough historical sights and museums. In addition, the city is located not so far from the capital, where you can go to have fun.


Beautiful Varna, nestled on the seaside, also made the list of the best places to live in Bulgaria. It is the third largest city in the country, where you can enjoy both cultural attractions and relaxation on the landscaped sandy beaches. 


It is a favorable place for investors in real estate with a sea view, as well as in light industry and engineering. Here it is easy to find work for such specialists as teachers, secretaries, accountants, managers, and service workers. 


Varna has a well-developed infrastructure, and a sufficient number of educational and pre-school institutions, which makes life here comfortable for families with children. 

Stara Zagora

Located in the center of the country, Stara Zagora is one of the safest as well as the best cities to live in Bulgaria. With a rich cultural heritage and history. 


For businessmen wishing to make investments, manufacturing, and agriculture are of interest here. Workers will find a place in trade, transportation and service. 


In Stara Zagora, there are art galleries and museums, as well as many beautiful gardens and parks. The favorable ecological situation, developed infrastructure, and availability of schools and kindergartens make the city attractive for families with small children. 


This article presents only a small part of the places where you can settle down well and live comfortably in Bulgaria.

How to find accommodation in the best city to live in Bulgaria

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We will help you quickly and safely complete the transaction and settle in the best place to live in Bulgaria.



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