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Getting Bulgarian citizenship, what are the advantages?

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Author of the article:
Yana Minchenko
Why many businessmen, investors and people who want to improve their quality of life think about getting Bulgarian citizenship, what is attractive about it, and whether it is necessary to buy real estate now we will examine.
Bulgarian citizens are citizens of the European Union and enjoy the right of free movement and have the right to vote in elections to the European Parliament.
The Bulgarian passport allows free crossing of 168 countries including EU, Canada and Australia, that considerably speeds up and simplifies the organization of personal or business travel.
Willingness to work in any country of European Union, to reside without time limitation, as well as study in prestigious Universities on favorable terms will also make Bulgarian citizenship. The University of Vienna, Ludwig University of Munich, University of Paris and many others are open to EU citizens, and the wide range of choices will bring prospective students closer to their desired profession through high level education.
The most favorable tax rates among EU countries in Bulgaria allow you to effectively manage your money, while having an open door to the EU market.

Necessary conditions and requirements set by the legislation for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship:

1. by origin;
2. by right and place of birth;
3. By naturalization program;
4. under the investment program;
5. for special merits to Bulgaria.
The most accessible, but also the longest is the naturalization program, when it is not obligatory to have Bulgarian roots, to be born in Bulgaria, to invest sums from 1 million BGN or to have special merits.
The only disadvantage is time 10 years - it is necessary to pass five years stage of residence permit, and after that five years stage of residence permit or residence permit.

Is it possible to get the citizenship of Bulgaria by buying the real estate?

So, we have understood what gives Bulgarian citizenship, now we turn directly to a question whether there are grounds for its reception at buying the real estate in Bulgaria.
The acquisition of citizenship by investment allows having double citizenship, doesn't oblige you to live in Bulgaria, and speeds up the process from 2 to 6 years depending on the program instead of 10 years according to the standard procedure.
The basis for obtaining citizenship from 2020 is the purchase of real estate worth at least BGN 2,000,000.  
Purchase of the real estate in Bulgaria for less amount doesn't give the bases for reception of citizenship. If you buy real estate for the sum of 1 000 000 BGN and more you may receive a residence permit. Read about the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria in our article How to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria.


We wish you an easy registration process and fully enjoy the benefits of being a Bulgarian citizen.
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