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How to sell a property in Bulgaria without coming to the deal (remotely)?


Real estate agency "Bulgarian Resales" makes a unique offer for those who want to sell a flat in Bulgaria! Now you can not personally attend the deal, saving your time and money, and we will do everything for you! With over 14 years of experience in the Bulgarian real estate market, we have gained a reputation as a reliable agency that you can trust. We guarantee the correct handling of your property sales with a minimum commission (just 4%).


A remote transaction is the best solution in quarantine conditions!


The relevance of buying and selling housing in Bulgaria is due to many factors, including EU membership, moderate pricing policy, transport accessibility, etc. But when deciding to sell their home, the owner faces some difficulties: calls and requests from potential buyers for viewing are not always received at a convenient time, the need to draft, place, monitor advertisements, etc. 


It is, therefore, more profitable and comfortable to sell your flat in Bulgaria remotely, using our services. If you wish, you can, of course, fly in to re-register your property rights. But in order to save time, effort, and material resources, most homeowners prefer remote transactions by drawing up a power of attorney with our Bulgarian lawyer or their own authorized representative. 


How to sell a flat remotely?

It is very important to know when selling a flat in Bulgaria, that the presence and consent of both spouses is required if the property is bought in marriage. Optionally, the notarisation of a declaration, power of attorney for the sale of one of the spouses' share, and the presence of the other spouse at the transaction. 


As soon as there is a buyer, our specialists start the sales process in stages:

➜ The lawyer of the agency "BG RST" collects the necessary documents (power of attorney, two declarations, etc.) in Bulgarian for certification at the Bulgarian Embassy. It is also possible to certify the documents when selling a flat in Bulgaria from an internal notary and then to execute a notarized translation into Bulgarian. 

➜ A power of attorney is drawn up with full guarantee and protection of the seller and is executed on our or any other lawyer or a third party.

➜ The seller must send the certified documents to our agency in Bulgaria.

➜ Certificate of tax evaluation of the property and cadastral scheme of the object, which is necessary for the sale transaction, we do for free.

➜ The entire amount for the sale of a property is transferred by a lawyer (proxy) to the seller's account on the transaction day.


If you want a guarantee of professional support for the remote sale of your flat at all stages, then get the support of specialists from the reliable Bulgarian Resales agency! 

You will be satisfied with the integrity of our work and the result of our cooperation! ☑

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