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Since 2007, the Bulgarian Resales real estate agency's close-knit team has been implementing the dreams of its clients, who later become friends, what we value, and what we appreciate.


Since 2007 on the Bulgarian real estate market many of us know as the agency "BG RST" and a lot of reviews, references can be found on the Internet under this name.

Since 2020, we have changed our name to "Bulgarian Resales" and completely updated the website with a focus on convenience and a modern presentation format. 


As always, the site has a fresh and numerous database of properties on the coast. And the methods we have developed for selecting housing by personal request reduce the search time. Thanks to this, our clients buy their favorite house on the sea in 2-5 days.

Years of experience and step-by-step legal support at every stage of the transaction allow us to buy or sell real estate in Bulgaria with a 100% guarantee of reliability.


For effective sale of your property, we use our knowledge of the market nuances and proven advertising strategies, so that we find a buyer quickly and easily. As a result, we save the seller months of waiting and advertising costs.


We take care of our customers and provide FREE professional services

when buying or selling property in Bulgaria:

  • Legal conduct of the transaction at all stages 
  • Checking the legal purity of real estate 
  • Negotiations with the seller when purchasing secondary properties
  • Inspection of all offered properties as well as an online survey;
  • Preparation of a sales contract with transparent conditions
  • Opening a bank account or company in Bulgaria 
  • Registration of purchased property with the necessary authorities
  • Valuation of real estate market value 
  • Photo and video recording of the object 
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in a hotel or apartment, shuttle service 

Assistance after purchasing a flat:

  • Flat furnishing
  • Organization of payment of taxes and utility bills

Constant contact, the integrity of our personal adviser, and our involvement in customer needs characterize our work. But do not take your word for it! Look at what our customers say.