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How to buy an apartment in Bulgaria for a foreigner or EU citizen

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An amazing and beautiful country, with an abundance of resorts, attracts not only adventurous tourists but also hardworking migrants, as well as witty investors who plan to earn on rental. Whatever the goal is, the quest for finding a perfect place begins in the capital or other cities in the resort area. Recent data shows, apartments in Burgas, Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Elenite, and Nessebar, as well as Varna are to the liking of those who are keen to spend summers in Bulgaria. But people who are looking for the opportunity to linger for the whole year do not necessarily need to look for an object on the coast. Construction companies finish more and more new buildings every year, square meters are quickly sold out.

How to buy an apartment in Bulgaria as an EU citizen?

What does a foreigner need to buy an apartment in Bulgaria? These are all common questions of non-citizens of the country.

►State of the State: where is buying real estate more profitable?

Before explaining how to buy an apartment in Bulgaria for EU citizens, it is worth mentioning which location might be the most profitable.

Realtors note that the demand for real estate further to the South is several times higher than on the Northern coast. The appealing price of housing and developed infrastructure with multiple stores, banks, and medical institutions - makes any settlement alluring. Neighboring Greece and Turkey is another argument in favor of the acquisition of real estate. Each region of Bulgaria has its own climatic and cultural-historical features, so the choice usually depends on the purpose of the purchase:

  • vocational recreation in the resort;
  • permanent residency;
  • renting out.

Bulgarian, Turkish, English, and Russian are commonly spoken in the area, so even if you do not speak the national language, there will be no problem with communication.

Who can buy an apartment in Bulgaria and how do it?

How to buy an apartment in Bulgaria for foreigners?

Any foreigner can make a purchase and a physical presence for the deal is not required.


What does a foreigner need to buy an apartment in Bulgaria? In brief, money and a passport. It is very important to contact an experienced real estate agency where that will advise you on the best options for you and will guide you through all the stages of buying property in Bulgaria, namely:


  1. choose a property and make a deposit of 2000 euros
  2. Sign a contract on the purchase of the property
  3. to prepare all the necessary documents (the lawyer and the real estate agency will take care of that)
  4. Notarize the transaction in the presence of an interpreter in your language.


The acquisition opens the possibility of obtaining a residence permit. Bulgaria is an excellent option for arranging a comfortable life, doing business, and growing personally in various areas. The situation in the country contributes to this. The developed transport system, good infrastructure, the presence of schools for children and medical institutions, even in small settlements, well-groomed territory in residential complexes, international cuisine, quality products, soft climate, sea, rivers, and mountains - you can list the merits endlessly.

►What is needed to make a deal?

►What documents are needed to buy an apartment for foreigners?

Passport, as well as the notary you fill out and sign a declaration of income, citizenship, and marital status.


►What do EU citizens need to buy an apartment in Bulgaria?

For residents of the countries of the EU, the procedure has been greatly simplified after Bulgaria became a part of the Union. The order is the same: the choice of the object, the availability of funds, and the deal.


►What documents are needed to buy an apartment for EU citizens?

A document confirming identity, for example, a passport, is enough in this case.


Contact Bulgarian Resales to get a detailed consultation, as well as help with choosing a suitable option and dealing with paperwork. With us, dreams of owning real estate in this sunny country will become your reality.


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