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Obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria in 2021

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How to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria:

all ways to get a residence permit in Bulgaria in 2022


CoML is a permanent residence permit, which gives a foreigner the same rights as local residents. A residence permit in Bulgaria may have the following permits:


➥ A permanent residence permit is a long-term stay in the country, the initial term is 5 years. It can be extended;

➥ A residence permit is a long-term stay in the country, the maximum term is 1 year;

➥ A permanent residence permit is a permanent residence permit; the maximum term is limited to the validity of a foreign passport.


On what grounds is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria?


❶ Open a company and create at least 10 jobs for local workers.

❷ Represent a foreign company that is registered with the BCCI.

❸ To marry a foreigner who has a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria.

❹ Become a foreign specialist in accordance with international agreements.

❺ Obtain a work permit.

❻ Become a financially secure guarantor for a certain Bulgarian citizen or a foreigner (if you have family ties).

❼ To undergo treatment on a long-term basis.

❽ Become a correspondent for foreign media that are accredited in Bulgaria.

❾ To be a wealthy pensioner, the amount for maintenance - from 1800 EUR.

❿ Be a family member of a person who has obtained a residence permit or a Bulgarian family member.

Have Bulgarian ancestry - the roots entitle you to a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria.

Purchase property in the country for the amount from 300 000 EUR.

Invest in disadvantaged areas of the country from 125 000 Euros.


How do I get a permanent residence permit and a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria?


There are 2 ways. The standard procedure is as follows:


➦ Applying for a visa D. 

Applying for a residence permit in the country (submitted directly in Bulgaria).

Targeted registration.

Processing of documents. They also appear in the consideration of a residence permit application.

Getting a permanent residence permit. Registration is made after residence on the basis of residence permit for at least 5 years. Application and documents are submitted no later than 3 months before the end of the next residence permit. 


➦ Another way - investment from 1 million leva. It entitles you to a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria immediately, without waiting for a 5-year period. It is also possible to register a representative office of a foreign company.


The easiest way is to apply for a residence permit for a foreign pensioner.

There is a simplified procedure for them, they only need to have a stable income (pension) and meet one of two conditions:


✔ to buy a residential or commercial space (the cost does not matter);

✔ to rent the property and draw up a contract.


How much does it cost to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria for Russians and Ukrainians?


To obtain a D visa, you will need to pay the following cost points:


  • Consular fee - 100 euros.
  • 1-year medical policy - 163 leva.
  • Translation of the certificate of criminal record - 25 EUR.


Payment will be required for the issuance of a residence permit:


Opening a local bank account: BGN 15.

State fee for a residence permit: 500 BGN.

Application fee: 10 levs.

Certificate of Representation: 43 euros.

Bank certificate of account and funds on it: 18 BGN.

Personal card: 45 levs.


The applicant must have an account on it:

for visa D: 6 minimum wages or 3900 levs;

for a residence permit: 12 minimum wages or 7800 levs. 


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