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Real estate prices in Bulgaria in 2021

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Most countries have tried to help their citizens survive difficult times and stimulated real estate transactions by anti-crisis measures: reducing or eliminating taxes, issuing super concessional loans, reduced mortgage rates - for example, in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Madrid and Malta. But the opposite trend - tax hikes - developed as well: Canada, Paris, and South Korea. 

In Bulgaria, the government managed to find a golden mean between anti-epidemic bans and trade relations within the country. But the tourist market and the restaurant business were in a tough spot, despite the surge in domestic tourism. Still, the cheapest prices in Europe for holidays by the sea and quality service helps stabilize the situation.


The downward trend in property prices on the Bulgarian coast, began in 2018. Prices for apartments in Bulgaria by the sea have also decreased slightly because of the pandemic COVID-19 in 2020. But watching the real estate market in Bulgaria since late 2020 and early 2021, prices have consolidated and country houses have even increased. 

The reason for the increase is simple. The shift to remoteness for intellectual workers and schoolchildren has widened the choice of residence and the big city has lost many of its appealing features.  Therefore one of the main wishes of many European countries, including Bulgaria, is for city dwellers to move into larger housing with a big balcony, terrace, even better with a patio or out of town. 

The increased investment interest is observed on the part of domestic buyers, as well as European citizens and even the U.S. and Canada. But apartments for sale in Bulgaria are putting out less and less, sellers are less inclined to reduce the cost compared with previous years and apartment at a bargain price very quickly finds a new owner.


If you are now thinking of buying an inexpensive Bulgarian property near the sea, pay more attention to the fact that in the near future is expected to join Bulgaria in the Eurozone, which will inevitably affect the cost of real estate in the direction of increasing. 


Of course, the price of the property directly depends on the location of the complex, the infrastructure of the complex and the area, the distance to the beach, the floor and the view from the window. All these parameters form the market value of the apartment.


What are the real prices for Bulgarian properties by the sea in 2021? 


Studio prices on the Bulgarian coast 8 000 - 30 000 €
Prices for one-bedroom apartments by the sea in Bulgaria
16 000 -100 000  
Prices for two-bedroom apartments in Bulgaria 19 000 -180 000  


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up to 15,000 €
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more € 30,000

15 000 € - 25 000 €
25 000 € - 30 000 €
30 000 € - 45 000 €
more 45 000 €

19 000 € - 40 000 €
40 000 € - 50 000 €
50 000 € - 65 000 €
more 65 000 €


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