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What gives a foreigner to buy real estate in Bulgaria

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The aim of buying property in Bulgaria by a foreigner

Before dealing with the question": "What does buying real estate for a foreign citizen give?", it is necessary to determine your purpose.
1.  For seasonal vacations. Bulgaria is a wonderful country with wonderful nature and a lot of attractions. And in winter and summer in Bulgaria do not have to get bored. Here you will find the sea, the mountains, the mineral springs, hiking trails, walks, fishing and much more. Read more in our article: 8 reasons to buy an apartment in Bulgaria.
2.  For investing money in order to rent it out. Recently more and more often our clients are looking for an opportunity to invest their savings and earn income. Bulgaria is not a country where you can get big income from these activities, but still renting an apartment on the coast was and will be profitable.
3.  For a year-round living. Foreign pensioners like Bulgaria very much and move to seaside towns or the countryside for permanent residence. This is a country where it is cozy, compact, not expensive and comfortable!
Advantages for the foreign owners of the dwelling in Bulgaria.
Getting a multi visa.
If you are a foreign citizen and you own a Bulgarian home, you will have the right to get a multi visa and you can stay in the country for 90 consecutive days in one half year, or 180 days per year. At that it does not matter what the price of the property is. The only thing to pay attention to is its suitability for living.
Obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria for pensioners.
If your purpose is long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria, and you are a well-off pensioner, then owning a property in Bulgaria, as well as a rental agreement, helps to get a residence permit - Permanent Residence Permit.
Permanent Residence Permit - Permanent Residence Permit in Bulgaria is not issued when buying real estate, but makes it easier to obtain.
Getting a residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of investment.
A foreigner immediately receives a permanent residence permit if he invests more than BGN 1,000,000 million through the purchase of, for example, state or municipal securities.
Residence permit in Bulgaria is granted to foreigners if they buy real estate worth 1,000,000 leva or more. This is one of the options when the foreigner is not a well-off pensioner and other grounds do not suit him.
In article How to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria all grounds and requirements for getting residence permit and permanent residence permit in Bulgaria are detailed.
The rights of foreigners in Bulgaria are regulated by the Foreigners in Bulgaria Act of 05.07.1999. Link to the Act in Bulgarian.
The simplest, but at the same time the most pleasant answer to the question: "What gives to buy property in Bulgaria?" will be the ode to the natural wealth of the small, but so diverse country, with its mountain ranges, sea coast, incredibly colorful and beautiful climate. Not forgetting the fact that you can save a lot of money on real estate compared to other European countries, as you can read about in the comparative reviews on our website.
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