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The newly built complex "Lazur 3" is a continuation of the already built buildings Lazure 1 and 2.

It is a modern monolithic construction of the newest architecture, which is being built with high quality materials which meet the European requirements. It is a modern monolithic construction of the latest architecture, which is being built with high quality materials that meet all European requirements.
All apartments in the complex will be air conditioned and equipped with air conditioning. All flats will have air conditioning in every room, Internet and telephone connection, fire alarm system.
The flats will be built in a modern building with high quality materials.
The complex offers flats of varying sizes from 32 sq.m. to 94 sq.m.

The flats have an integral part of the building.
The flats are being sold with PVC joinery, laminate flooring in the rooms, porcelain stoneware tiles in the corridors, day rooms and balconies, fully fitted utility rooms, double glazed external door
The flats are delivered on a turn-key basis with the following finishes:
- walls - painted with coloured latex paint;
- Floors: living room, corridor and terraces - tiled, bedrooms - laminate;
- Window frames - PVC;

windows - WC - tiled, complete sanitary equipment, shower cabin, boiler-heater;
- light switches, sockets, lighting fixtures;
- metal entrance doors;

- MDF interior doors;

- air conditioners ;

- 5 cm thermal insulation;
- Heat and water insulation of the roof according to the BDS;
- stairs and balustrades on the balconies - AL lux;
- zanilla colours: white, sugary yellow and dark brown;
- Cables for telephone, Internet, doorphone;

Payment scheme: 1000 euro reservation
50% after signing of the preliminary contract
50% before the notary

The complex is complete (Act 16)

There is a possibility of additional furnishing
paying extra.
About the town:

One of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria, Pomorie is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula, 3.5 km long, 20 km from Burgas, 18 km from Sunny Beach and 10 km from the airport. The seacoast is low, sandy and exposed to the east and west and is protected from the north by the Balkan Mountains. A beach strip of 18.7 sq.km, 7 km long, covered with iron-rich sand, borders the bay. The shoreline is shallow and flat with shallow slopes, without underwater rocks or cold sea currents and is safe for swimming. Climatic conditions are exceptionally favorable : long hours of sunshine (up to 2360 hours per year) and average July air and water temperature 23,6°C. Autumn is warm and prolonged thanks to the slowly cooling seawater. The average temperature in the autumn is 20,5 Celsius degrees. During its 2500 years of existence, the town has been destroyed and revived many times. It can remember the invasions of the Romans and Byzantines, the Crusaders and the Turks. The exhibits in the archaeological museum are silent witnesses to the turbulent life of the millennium. Unique monuments of history and culture: the Dome Thracian tomb , museum object "Ancient saltworks of Anjialo" , Church of Transfiguration and St. John the Baptist. The monuments of historical and cultural interest are the Dome Thracian Tomb, the museum object "Ancient Saltworks of Anjilo", the churches of Transfiguration and St. Virgin Mary, the monastery of St. George and the architectural reserve "Old Pomeranian Houses".

Pomorie is a thriving resort and mud cure centre. The curative curative firth mud coming from the bottom of the salty lake treats diseases of the locomotor apparatus, gynecological, surgical and traumatic diseases, skin diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases, non-specific diseases of the locomotor system, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases etc. A clinic for cardiovascular diseases and cardio-surgery with hospital, spa and hotel services is being built near the city. The brightest cultural event in Pomorie during the summer is the traditional "Days of Javoriv Poet". The Days of Poet Javoriv, a part of National Maritime Week, are a real summer highlight. The genuine charm of the cobbled streets, the romantic sea front and the trim houses turn Pomorie into a desirable holiday and investment destination.



Book a Free Consultation to see if the property meets your wishes!
A comprehensive free service awaits you. It`s easy to buy with us!
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