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Buying an apartment without an agency, all the risks

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Buying a flat in Bulgaria by yourself


According to statistics, about 90% of buyers of the Bulgarian residential area prefer to use the services of a real estate agency. But there are 10% of people who are sure that they will manage on their own and will also save on commissions. But wanting to save even more on purchases, some people ignore the professional help of realtors and lawyers and start looking for a suitable residential area and the process of processing documents themselves. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save money and most of them have problems buying a home in Bulgaria.


What are the pitfalls that can be expected when buying a house in Bulgaria?


Let's start with the fact that news about the option of selling cheap Bulgarian real estate may come from legally illiterate people, such as neighbors, acquaintances, taxi drivers, who simply want to act as an intermediary, having received their tricky reward. But an ordinary person cannot learn all the nuances of a home, check its legal cleanliness, the presence of debts, etc.


After such a risky purchase, you can even lose your roof over your head completely, if after a while it turns out that the flat has become the property of the bank. 


Housing that has not been checked by professionals of real estate agencies may end up being pledged, mortgaged or in legal disputes, or be part of a trading company. There is a danger that scammers could buy a flat in Bulgaria cheaply, both on the secondary market and in a new building. After all, not all construction companies are distinguished by decency, compliance with contractual obligations and deadlines for the delivery of the object.


How do you insure yourself against fraudsters when buying a home?


Very simply! To trust such an important event as buying a home in a foreign country to the experienced professionals of the reliable agency "Bulgarian Resales"! And in just a few days to become the owner of a Bulgarian house on the seashore or a flat in the capital, because it is great when dreams come true! 


We protect your interests and thoroughly check all types of real estate, whether it is a flat, flat or land plot on which the house is built, for any encumbrances. There is a certain verification procedure, in which


a bona fide agency must identify all possible risks or lack thereof by reporting the result to the customer. 


If you buy a home in the secondary market, our specialist will carry out the work step by step:

➔ Familiarise yourself with the owner's documentation package;

➔ Will check the property for presence/absence of encumbrances;

➔ Will provide advice on all the pros and cons of housing, flats;

➔ Will find out about service indebtedness, utility payments;

➔ Provides full legal support for the transaction;

➔ Carry out the registration of the property.


It is better to buy housing with the support of specialists not only in the secondary market but also in new buildings. We have been working on the Bulgarian real estate market since 2006, so we have first-hand knowledge of the reputation and reviews of various developers. We recommend our clients only time-tested companies and the best prices for flats in Bulgaria by the sea, warning against unreliable developers.


If you decide to buy a flat in Bulgaria without intermediaries, you can order full legal support for the transaction from us. We will check the residential area, the site for encumbrances, carry out registration after the purchase, and if necessary, ensure our presence with the client at the transaction. Please contact us if you have any questions, you will be guaranteed comprehensive assistance from our competent Russian and English speaking lawyer. 


Real estate agency "Bulgarian Resales" more than 14 years specializes in the purchase and sale of housing in Bulgaria, selecting the best options for buyers from Europe, CIS countries, Israel, and others, because Bulgarian property is becoming more attractive every year on many factors, including price.

Real estate agency "Bulgarian Resales" works for your comfort and peace of mind!

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