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Residence Park / Residence Park ID: 876

On request
From developer
101 - 104 m²
декабрь 2018 г.
To sea
to 900 m
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The new residential building Residence Park is a gated community with its own green area in the Sarafovo district of Burgas. .

There is a bus stop on route No. 15 to the city centre, bus and train station.

Projected completion date (Act 16) - December 2018


All flats are delivered with shell work.

Act 16 December.

The building consists of 7 floors and from the 5th floor there is a sea view. The building is designed in such a way that no flat will face the north. The area will be fenced. It is accessible through the main entrance and only the owners of the flats will have access. The building has 3 entrances, 3 staircases and 4 lifts for 6 people.

Total number of flats is 145, of which:

53 flats with 1-bedroom, of which 7 flats have their own yard;

75 2-bedroom flats, of which 12 flats have their own yard;

17 3-bedroom flats;


There are storage rooms on each floor for a total of 75 in the whole building.

The ground floor has mezzanines and flats with their own courtyards.

The total area of the complex is 9,796 sqm, with a total built-up area of 13,216 sqm.

Complex facilities and infrastructure:

148 parking spaces Bicycle parking Lots of lively security guards Children's playground Barbecue area 2 areas for recreation and socializing Benches Metal gates at the entrances and exits with electronic access control Metal fences Lots of trees and extensive landscaping in the common areas Waste bins are located in specially isolated places close to the entrance of the complex.

Technical description of construction:

Reinforced Concrete Carcass Brick external walls 25 cm thick, 12 cm internal walls 12 cm thick Facade - 10 cm thick thermal insulation, silicon plaster Metal flat entrance doors PVC windows with double glazing Internal doors - wooden interior doors PVC water pipes with water meter and water gauge according to the approved project Internal drainage - vertical and horizontal with traps for used water Plumbing - double tariff meter in each flat and a common, individual electrical wiring, as approved by the building administration. Switchboards installed with safety devices, all electrical wiring is made according to the project, with sockets and switches installed. Wiring installation - video intercom, Internet and TV cable Ventilation vents and shafts - completed according to the project Facade with thermal insulation, stairs and landings, corridors, gutters and pipes, common areas of the building completed according to the project Plastering - Internal plaster or lime based machinery applied Flooring - cement screed in all rooms completed under the project Balconies with parapets and railings, metal railings, walls and ceilings of balconies finished with thermal insulation and silestone plaster according to the design, flooring with thermal insulation, screed, waterproofing and porcelain stoneware according to the design Completed common parts Porcelain stoneware floors, walls - plastered and painted. Lifts are manufactured and working according to the project Roof thermal and hydro-insulation Metal fence between the courtyards according to the project Courtyard landscaping space and with limited access. Automatic portal doors. Asphalt alleys or other paving, landscaping according to design with preservation of growing perennial trees.



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2 bedroom
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88 295
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