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Maintenance fee in complexes in Bulgaria

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What is a "Maintenance Fee" in Bulgaria?

It is a mandatory fee paid by homeowners for the maintenance of the common parts of the complex or apartment building on the basis of a contract with the management company. The fee can vary from 50 to 1000 euros per year.

How the support charge is calculated:

  1. Fixed support charge. The payment does not depend on the floor area or the type of accommodation. The amount will be the same for the owner of the studio and for the owner of two-bedroom apartments. Beneficial for owners of large apartments.
  2. By type of housing. A more fair way of calculating, since here the number of rooms is taken into account. For example the owner of the studio will pay 300 euros per year, for 2-bedroom apartments 450 euros per year, and the owner of 3-bedroom apartment will pay 700 euros per year.
  3. By square meters. This is the most popular method, which is used in most estates. On our website in the description of the facilities you can find a mention - service annually 8 € per square meter. That means if the total area is 45 sq.m., then you have to pay 360 euros per year. On average the market, is from 6 to 15 € per square meter.
  4. According to the number of residents. This method is used in urban apartments. If there is a family of 4 persons and the fee for one person is defined as 2 €/month, the annual maintenance amount is 96 €.


What activities are included in the maintenance fee?

For urban residential properties, the services include:

  • repairs and maintenance of elevators;
  • the lighting of common parts (stairs, territory);
  • Maintenance and repair of common areas - porches, roofs, and yards.


For owners of apartments in complexes with their own infrastructure, the maintenance of the following may be part of the fee:

  • swimming pool;
  • children's and sports grounds;
  • garden and park area (gardener or landscaper services);
  • SPA-center (cleaning and repair); gyms, sauna, and other recreational areas;
  • territory security and video surveillance.


A support fee is paid to the management company on the basis of the contract, which you sign after moving into your new home.

The contract between you and the management company will describe all support activities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

Generally, the support fee is paid all at once for the whole year or twice a year, either in cash or by bank transfer. The management company issues an invoice and supporting documents after the payment is made. Keep the contract and documentation of all payments for the entire time you own the property.

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